2013 Ford Edge

Release date and price

Very modern passenger car 2013 Ford Edge comes from high-end car very sophisticated design.Table Regarding the release date on the market about you with vendors from Ford Motor Company that will give you detailed information about price.You will be and much more than you expect.Ford-Edge-2013 444


Engine starts with a 3.5 L Ti- VCT V6 engine delivers 7.2 L/100km ( 39 mpg ) Hvi.When discuss the sport he is a very powerful car in its class starts V6.This Edge with 2.0 L EcoBoost 4 – and 6 cil.engine – degrees automatic transmission is very modern and luxurious in its class. This type of engine that helps provide car 6.6 L/100km ( 43 mpg ) HVI.When the grid close it helps us to better cost-effectiveness as regards fuel consumption.2013_ford_edge_sport_badge


From this model equipment includes: Air brake system that will help us to maintain holes.A radar sensors very useful when you are not on the highway than on the road where we already have a number of holes , then the sensor is tackling the problem of .There is and Bliss ( Blind Spot Information System) , which is designed to scan approching vehicles.
When cvek used to the luxury and comfort then this is the car for you. When driving the 2013 Ford Edge ride you will be much better if you used the leather seats are heated seats.We done of course you can set the options for how the power of adjustable seats. Ford-Edge-6

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