2014 Ford GTR-1

New 2014 Ford GTR -1 is on its way from the high-end cars , the model will be presented in California on Auto Show. As for the release date on the market you can get in respective contact with certified retailers of this company.One very nice car is extremely fast as the regarding his predecessors , of course you will enjoy the ride and you get much more than you would expect from this cars.You will be to enjoy the ride with your friends and family.This model car is brought to a high precision when it comes to superior quality products, of course we ‘re used to extreme models of cars as the Ford Company in issue.

2014 Ford GTR-1

Engine 2014 Ford GTR -1

Engine starts with a 5.4L V8 twin- turbo engine, which provides a 739 lb -ft of torque. 5 of inches wider than the current Ford GT 20 “wheels and the arm body kit specially designed aluminum and carbon fiber as an option in 2014 Ford GTR-1 it is credited to his name for super.Table interior far as it differs from its predecessor in terms because it is very well done as to the goats and of course the instrument panel , which is fantastic in the first view.Of equipment includes: McIntosh audio system which is very powerful in terms of their functions .When talking about the price of the 2014 Ford GT can tell you that the price is still under wraps , and of course you can get in touch with certified dealers from Ford Motor Company to find out more the price of this beautiful and luxurious cars.

2014 Ford GTR-1 release

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