2016 Ford Fiesta

2016 Ford Fiesta belongs to the class of small city cars. The new model of Fiesta with modern design should rise sell of cars for Ford Motor Company all over the world.

2016 Ford Fiesta Redesign

The changes that will befall this model first will be on engine choice. The basic improvement should be in fuel economy and more power. This combination should put new 2016 Fiesta on the first place of small city cars.

Changes that struck in terms of headlight chrome headlight and the Incan 17 aluminum rims there is room in the trunk where it is in the p st lights as well as its LED lights at front and rear lights.

2016 Ford Fiesta

2016 Ford Fiesta Interior

When we look at the interior we can see that the roof is in all variants while his cabin where there is space made by the high quality materials that are done on the principle leather details where we expect the possibility of comfort and modernity while his table have different design equipped with the latest technology different from its previous model. This our prospective buyers must be safe and to have Applink and sons positioner Glimpse system that can locate immediately if it comes to an accident to assist passengers.

2016 Ford Fiesta side

2016 Ford Fiesta Engine Release date and price

His engine starts with the 1.5L petrol and diesel option and go 112 where the five-speed manual transmission while the diesel option has a 90 hp where you’re going and six-speed automatic or flaw is that it leads to a large fuel economy.

For his release date is expected to be in early 2016 while the price for now we have no official information as soon as we have it, we will notify you on time.

Price for new 2016 Ford Fiesta should be 14,580.00 US Dollars, for basic model. For model with full equipment price should be 21,480.00 US Dollars.

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