2017 Ford Raptor

Ford’s new baby, the second generation truck, 2017 Ford Raptor can be blindly called the truck to watch out for. It’s commendable off-road pick up and being tagged with factory warranty is just ‘wow’. What a car can be in terms of being sturdy meets your eyes when you take a look at this super giant. It has excelled Baja 1000 desert race to get the tag of an overwhelming performer.

2017 Ford Raptor front


In order to impress the loyalists, Ford has walked that extra mile keeping in mind the trend that make car lovers fall in love with – lightweight! So the new F-150 platform is lighter and it has been offered a special touch, especially with a new modified chassis and a commendable power train that can match the apt bodywork.

2017 Ford Raptor – Curb weight reduced

2017 Ford Raptor boxed steel frame gets a makeover and you can lay hands on 2 sized ones. One you get is the sturdy and power-packed 133’’ wheelbase SuperCab and the second one offering more space is 145’’ SuperCrew. This is definitely a great departure in order to make this truck just score superb on being sturdy. But despite the aluminum body inclusive of fused hood and commendable front fenders- the good news is that it is still sleek, 500 pounds less from its predecessor.

2017 Ford Raptor Drivetrain

2017 Ford Raptor is capped with EcoBoost. It has been packed with 2nd generation 3.5-liter V-6 tagged along with double turbochargers. The fuel injection is a direct process. The top-rated wagon company Ford is of the opinion that this new engine EcoBoost which most sports car are being bestowed with, demand some more improvisation and revisions when producing V-6.

The improvements that have come in is a new aluminum block, upgraded fuel system, internal structures and environment, cylinder heads and more. Airflow has been improved to make it a seamless affair through high-end engine exhales offering higher and seamless output via a double exhaust system.

2017 Ford Raptor rear


In terms of wooing loyalists, the polish in design segment of 2017 Ford Raptor deserves special mention. Raptor’s grille and wide assortment of marker lights have been kept intact, but the look is not chunky anymore, it is a trimmer version.

The bumpers both in front and at back gets enhanced improvement in bends in apt angles. The rear end with its upped look makes it desert king. The colossal skid plate in front along with fender vents reflects uniqueness and finesse that Ford has come up with in designing department.

It is the toned and ‘wow’ alloy skin is its USP. Haunches that meet your eyes are neater and have that perfect touch. The giant tires and beefed up suspension is sure to give you a tickle!

Perfect for off road drive

To make things fall in place perfectly, Ford Raptor comes with a first application 10-speed automatic transmission and a new 4 wheel-drive more is a sure thumbs-up. Mode of operation gets synced in a hassle-free way with terrain mode system which ensures better handling, control and performance of the truck in different road conditions. The steering-wheel buttons add more depth to engine and ensures stability control.

2017 Ford Raptor interior

2017 Ford Raptor Price

You can expect its release in autumn 2016 or at the beginning of 2017! Price of 2017 Ford Raptor has been fixed at around $46000 for its base version.

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